Tree House Recovery Colorado

Luann Morton-Earl (Blueheart)

Luann Morton-Earl (Blueheart)

Clinical Director/Supervisor

Luann Morton-Earl, also known as Blueheart, is the Clinical Director and Supervisor at Tree House Recovery CO, the leading holistic addiction treatment center in Denver, Colorado. With over 15 years of experience in the addiction treatment field, Blueheart has dedicated her career to helping individuals recover from addiction and trauma.

Blueheart’s approach to treatment is compassionate, trauma-informed and holistic. She believes that healing from addiction requires addressing underlying trauma and utilizing a variety of therapeutic modalities. With her guidance, patients at Tree House Recovery CO can expect to receive a personalized treatment plan that includes individual and group therapy, trauma-informed care, and support for co-occurring mental health disorders.

As the Clinical Director and Supervisor, Blueheart is committed to providing her team with the support and resources necessary to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients. She is dedicated to creating a culture of excellence and continuous improvement at Tree House Recovery CO.

Overall, Blueheart is a highly respected and experienced Clinical Director who is passionate about helping individuals overcome addiction and trauma. Her commitment to compassionate, trauma-informed care makes her an invaluable asset to the Tree House Recovery CO team.

  • Drug & Alcohol Counselor

  • MAC

  • LAC

  • BST

  • CDBT