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Matt Goldberg

Matt Goldberg

Addiction Program Director

Matt Goldberg is an extraordinary human being who has fought his whole life to make the world a better place.  He understands war on every level.  War on the battlefield and the wars we fight with ourselves.  Matt’s approach to treating addiction is to provide you with the tools, environment, and support you need to win the battle that you are having with yourself and the world around you.   Matt’s level of compassion can only be found in a man who has seen every inch of humanity both on and off the battlefield.  Matt Goldberg’s 22 years of history as a Green Beret combined with his extensive training and experience with addiction treatment counseling and conflict resolution make him a true warrior healer.  Matt teaches people how to fight their way out of addiction through love and support combined with strength and conditioning.  When not working Matt enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren, riding his motorcycle and fishing. Goldberg works directly with every patient and collaborates with each addiction counselor at Tree House to insure the highest quality of care.

“Adversity is God affording you the opportunity to rise to the occasion.” 

“Adversity builds character, and I have become quite a character.”

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Addiction Therapist in Denver Colorado Matt Goldberg
  • Bachelors psychology
  • Masters of Science in Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Retired Green Beret. Honor Graduate Ranger School. 
  • Outdoorsman
  • Sober 15 years
  • 22 years active duty  & 37 total in department of defense
  • 20 + years experience in special operations
  • Combat Veteran 3 tours in Iraq.

Watch Goldbergs Video on "Why"

Matt Goldberg: Addiction Program Director & Retired Green Beret at Tree House Recovery. In this video, Goldberg explains the “WHY” behind making the switch to helping people struggling with addiction.