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Tree House Recovery’s team of substance abuse therapists and counselors in Denver, Colorado, are here to provide a sustainable solution to everyone that enters our addiction program. Our team members collaborate to build a holistic understanding of each client and individualize each treatment plan.

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Addiction Counselors in Denver, Colorado

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction and looking for the best addiction counselor in Denver, Tree House has a fantastic team. Each staff member is hand-picked and trained in the most effective methods. Our counselors use a holistic and individualized approach customized just for you. We believe that the most sustainable results come from complete health. That is why we focus on your mental, physical and social fitness. We offer group therapy that gets your body and mind fit while you build bonds with your peers in recovery.

We also provide family counseling for the loved ones of addicts we treat. After all, addiction is a family disease. And healthy families generate the best outcomes for lasting sobriety and happiness. To learn more about our staff or program, call (720) 640-0202.