Tree House Recovery Colorado

Justin McMillen

Justin McMillen

Tree House Founder and CEO

Justin McMillen set out to help others recover from substance use disorder (SUD) after years of battling his own addiction. He started by providing sober housing in 2008, an organization dedicated to sheltering those new in recovery. After spending years watching people coming out of standard rehabs only to relapse in an endless cycle, he began studying SUD. The sober living residence became a laboratory for his research. This led to today’s most innovative addiction treatment program.

Justin established Tree House Recovery in 2013, basing our treatment approach on research and his own success in sobriety.  He also assembled a team of SUD treatment innovators. Together, they redefined what drug and alcohol treatment should look like with great success. Guided by the belief  —that there is a recipe for healthy living that can be followed. The result is long-term, sustainable sobriety. McMillen personally selects every addiction therapist at Tree House. For him, what makes Tree House so effective is all about finding the most talented addiction counselors and therapists. At its core, Tree House is health people helping people become healthy.

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As CEO, Justin is on the front lines as he leads his team and clients forward at Tree House. Justin has teamed up to fight addiction on a national level with the author of Spark and Harvard Medical School’s Professor of Psychiatry, John J. Ratey, MD. He now serves as a Sparking Life Addiction Recovery board member to bring awareness of the effectiveness of exercise as a tool to treat addiction.

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