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Partial Hospitalization Program

When it comes to recovery, there are numerous substance abuse treatment programs available to clients nowadays. It’s crucial to find the program that suits you best, as a good match between the client and the program ensures a more effective treatment plan. One program that offers adaptability to various needs is the partial hospitalization program (PHP). Unlike standard outpatient programs or residential/inpatient options, a partial hospitalization program strikes a balance by providing a higher intensity of care without requiring a full-time commitment. If you’re in Denver and are looking for an out-of-state PHP option, Tree House has options. Our holistic partial hospitalization program can offer the ideal level of support and give you a geographical reset to focus on your recovery.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is an outpatient treatment option designed for individuals facing addiction challenges. It caters to those who require a higher level of care than standard outpatient programs can provide. In a PHP, individuals receive comprehensive treatment services and medical monitoring during the day but do not stay overnight at the facility.

Sometimes referred to as a day treatment program, a PHP offers a range of outpatient addiction treatment services, including drug counseling, individual and group therapy, access to medical care, and medication if necessary. If immediate medical attention is required, close collaboration with hospital centers ensures individuals receive the necessary support [1].

At the PHP level of care, clients attend treatment 5 days a week, dedicating approximately 6 hours each day, while still residing in a supportive sober living environment. Compared to standard outpatient programs that may meet only once or three times a week, a PHP provides a more comprehensive level of support at a minimum of 20 treatment hours per week [2].

For some, entering a partial hospitalization program serves as the step after receiving treatment in an inpatient detox/residential program. It is particularly beneficial for individuals committed to spending the time needed to focus on intensive therapy and resolving their core issues.

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The Tree House partial hospitalization program (PHP) Addiction Program stands out from standard care in several significant ways. The most notable distinction lies in the exceptional effectiveness of our treatment model. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to optimize three fundamental areas of health, which are crucial for overcoming addiction and leading a fulfilling life. We prioritize the development of a resilient mindset, physical well-being, and strong social connections. Our approach goes beyond mere sobriety; we are dedicated to teaching and empowering you to achieve overall health, happiness, and meaning in your sober journey. In our program, you won’t simply engage in “talk therapy.” Instead, you will actively train and equip yourself with the tools for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.


Our treatment facility in Denver, Colorado offers an intensive outpatient program designed to provide effective care. However, if you require a higher level of support, Tree House also offers a partial hospitalization program (PHP) option in Southern California. Sometimes, a change of location can greatly benefit individuals in early recovery. For clients in Denver, they have the opportunity to enter our PHP to establish a solid foundation and then continue their care in our Intensive Outpatient Program back in Denver. If you are seeking long-term treatment with a comprehensive continuum of care, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced admissions team. They will guide you through our options and help you explore the best path for your recovery. Contact us today for more information.

Partial Hospitalization Program

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